What We Do

Industrial Flooring

Installation of heavy-duty trowel-applied polymer flooring systems typically 1/4 inch thick or greater in wet, heavy forklift traffic, chemically sanitized environments. Typical clients for this work include large-scale food and beverage production facilities and wineries.

Protective Coatings & Linings

Projects include surface preparation via abrasive blasting or vapor blasting of steel and concrete surfaces to specific applicable standards and installation of coating systems such as plural component 100% solids polyurethane linings, plural component 100% solids epoxy linings, zinc/ epoxy / urethane. Typical clients for this work include municipal water and waste water treatment facilities, petroleum processes and storage tanks of varying contents.

Stainless Steel Drains

Projects include the fabrication and installation of heavy-duty, traffic-rated stainless steel trench drains and area drain systems. Typical clients for this work include large-scale food production, wineries and chemical production facilities.