Everyone Safe. Everyday.

We take safety seriously

We understand that the work we do exposes our craft workers to serious injury. That’s why each worker spends over 80 hours every year studying topics that we have identified as critical both in the classroom and in the field. If a craft worker can not complete a written and practical test verifying their competency in the areas that have been deemed critical, they do not go to work on our job sites. We must watch our Ex Mod, but we must watch over our employees even more.

Annual Safety Training Topics

  • Confined Space Competent Person
  • Fall Protection
  • Respiratory Protection
  • Hazard Communications
  • Hearing Protection
  • Lead Awareness
  • Hand and Power tools
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • CPR First Aid
  • Defensive Driving
  • Fire Extinguisher Training
  • Ladder Safety
  • Lock Out Tag Out
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Scaffold Safety
  • Forklift Safety